R-M, ready to repair the Peugeot 408 – Obsession blue EDP

Obsession blue EDP


When the new premium Peugeot 408 hits the ground in Europe from January 2023, following the launch in China, the innovative color of this model called in Obsession Blue will have already raised quite some noise in the market. Articulate attention will be required by professional bodyshop networks, which want to ensure the highest standard and most eco-effective way for an invisible repair. 

Partnering with BASF, AECP requested R-M's global color experts of R-M global team located at the premium R-M Refinish Competence Center in Clermont de l’Oise on the challenges and color characteristics of color development. The highest expertise is required for the specifics in matching the color Obsession blue which comes from the color's dichroic characteristics it changes under light conditions to turquoise or green or dark light to red. This can be a challenge for painters all over the world especially not having the right color formulation and paint support to start with. 

That's where R-M's digital color identification tool Colortronic 12/6 and #Refinity ensures the most consistent and efficient repair job is done. New standards were set when R-M launched #AGILIS with the lowest VOC content and highest eco-effectiveness combination ever. With AGILIS, a new pigment technology and ensures a faster process through easier application with millions of color matches to choose from. For the new Obsession blue EDP color, experts identified the original Obsession blue characteristics and created a new color formula for an exact match for blending or bumper paint repairs.

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