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R-M gives you choices: The new Pioneer, Advance, and Element series give you complete freedom to choose the products that will benefit your business most.
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Pioneer Series

Pioneer Series

Pioneering performance and eco-effectiveness.

Pioneer Series is our most revolutionary and complete range of solutions. Every aspect of them is refined to create the ultimate finish while ensuring sustainability. It’s why all Pioneer Series products are eSense products, manufactured based on renewable resources. Highly economical, productive and efficient, Pioneer Series is guaranteed to deliver exceptional results.
Pioneer range
Advance Series

Advance Series

Productivity on another level

The new R-M Advance Series is specially formulated to give your bodyshop a high-performance edge on productivity. Elevate your performance and create an outstanding finish with this new product portfolio. It’s time to advance your productivity to a whole new game-changing level. At the core of the innovative new Advance Series is superior productivity, reduced process times and class-leading results. But it doesn’t end there. Advance Series is part of an interconnected range of services and R-M specialist support that’s ready to drive your profitability
Advanced series
Element Series

Element Series

Economical and versatile

The new R-M Element Series gives your bodyshop the ability to deliver a very cost-effective, reliable finish on every project. Diverse, economical and versatile, Element Series has been developed to produce optimum results whilst still driving good profitability.
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