Digital color search

Colortronic 12/6 - the most advanced color matching technology for your bodyshop

Colortronic 12/6

Experience R-M's Colortronic 12/6 for Unmatched Precision

A system solution for all-around digital color matching and the connected mixing room.
color room

Accelerates the color-matching process for all paint systems.

Great hiding

Access the largest color database to match every color.


Broad and deep color coverage in our global color database, backed by regional labs.

Mix & Scan

Mix and Scan, powered by Refinity:

We designed our next generation formula retrieval platform to follow the natural behavior of a painter. And now formula retrieval has never been easier. Plus you’ll benefit from the world’s largest automotive color database
mix and scan

Easy to use

  • Dynamic search feature

  • ‘Breadcrumb’ navigation menu so you never get lost

Designed for the mix room

  • Designed for touchscreens

  • Screen progression & layouts to focus on formula and toner comparison

  • Easy to select undercoats, clears and mix ratios as you go

Find the right color

  • Dynamic search feature

  • Live variant ranking

  • Save & search your own sprayouts easily in the cloud

Prepare the right quantity

  • More realistic models and panel volume estimations

  • No need to redo a mix due to overpour

Scan & adjust

  • Seamless navigation from scan to mix

  • Advanced adjustment algorithms

  • Easily save custom formulas & sprayouts

Industry-leading color guidance

  • Make better decisions about when to make a sprayout

  • Visual references of original, target, and adjusted color

  • Toggle view face & flop on multi-angle spectral curve visualization

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