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Painters need the best materials, and when, how and where valuable time-savings can be made. Easier application, better covering power, higher gloss, faster drying times, outstanding finish and improved environmental compatibility have always been the standards by which we measure all our innovations. Discover our eco-effective pioneer series.
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R-M is providing indispensable aids with trend-setting color matching systems such as Color Explorer, Colormaster and nowdays REFINITY and Colortronic 12/6 allowing you to meet future challenges with ease.
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The automotive refinish industry is changing, but through constant innovation and world-class refinishing solutions, R-M still remains the go-to paint partner for every bodyshop that seeks to be the best.
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- CO2

with our Biomass balance Approach

Our products are manufactured with renewable raw materials. This means less CO2. It also means your business can attract a new, sustainably-minded customer, leading to more jobs.
- 20%

on materials thanks to our Air-Drying technology

Up to 20% lower material consumption - drying at air temperature will allow you to reduce CO2 and energy costs.

on your energy costs thanks to our Eco-Effectiveness Process

Discover our ground-breaking products and solutions, designed specifically to support body shops in lowering their energy consumption by up to 60% while also significantly shortening process times and reducing material consumption.
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Take your painting process to another level.

AGILIS, the pioneering new waterborne basecoat paint system from R-M. It has everything you need.

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R-M Americas launches RMC1000, the refinish industry’s first one-coat clear

R-M, a premium refinish paint brand of BASF, is introducing the refinish industry’s first one-coat clear – RMC1000 in the region Americas. Answering customer demand for speed and efficiency, RMC1000 reduces cycle time, provides superior sag resistance, and offers an excellent appearance.



R-M supports INEOS Automotive for its Global Body and Paint Program

For the next three years, R-M will help INEOS Automotive build its global body and paint program focusing on the highest level of industry standards and sustainable refinish solutions.
R-M premium refinish brand of BASF will provide expertise and paint innovation to develop body shop network requirements for the INEOS Grenadier worldwide


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R-M was started in Detroit, US, more than 100 years ago, and it continues to play a key role in shaping the development of automotive industry.
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