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At R-M we’re focused on two main goals. The first is delivering paint products designed to provide long-term profitability to our customer’s businesses. The second is ensuring we protect the environment in the process. Our research and development team, renowned for their innovation, are continually developing products leading to processes that are significantly faster, safer and create less waste and CO2 than ever before.

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R-M gives you choices: The new Pioneer, Advance, and Element series give you complete freedom to choose the products that will benefit your business most.

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Basecoat & Topcoat Systems

R-M cardgrid products


AGILIS® sets the standard with the highest eco-effectiveness ratio in the industry. It gives your business the chance to grow, become even more competitive and still reduce your environmental impact.

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Better for the environment. Better for your bottom line. Since 1995.
R-M cardgrid products Graphite

R-M Graphite HD

R-M has developed a comprehensive product line for (re)finishing all types of trucks, buses, coaches, and all commercial vehicles that are high in productivity and low in cost.



UNO HD reflects the R-M philosophy at its best: genuine respect for the environment, high performance, perfect results, economy, and productivity.


Low consumption material due to high solids content and great hiding power
uno solid basecoat line

Ease of application

Low consumption material due to high solids content and great hiding power
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Save time. Application to vertical surfaces in one and a half spray coats without any flash-off time

R-M Crystal bases

R-M Crystal bases

CRYSTAL BASE from R-M are concentrated bases that have been developed exclusively for special effect pigments and packaged in 125 ml bottles.

Practical storage chest

The CRYSTAL BASE range has a practical storage chest. The bottles are cleverly arranged upside-down which makes them easier to work with and enables you to use them down to the last drop. It means you can innovate without changing your working processes.
Cyrstal bases 3



A solvent borne basecoat, exceptional finish with proven results


The R-M solvent borne basecoat system Diamont is a high-performance solution for solvent-borne basecoat colors, whether they’re solid, metallic, or pearl. Diamont offers exceptional efficiency, ease-of-use and clear economic advantages thanks to rapid flash-off times and minimum material consumption.
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Superior simplicity

Diamont is simple to apply throughout the entire process, guaranteeing a perfect finish every time. If there are any dust or minor defects, they can quickly be removed with a tack rag.
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Greater efficiency, less product

Diamont’s excellent covering power proves that the quality of a finish is much more a question of efficiency than the quantity of material.
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