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At R-M Paint, we understand the challenges you face when it comes to refinishing vehicles. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of paint systems and innovative solutions to help you save time and money. From Eco-Effective Solutions to cutting-edge UV technologies, and even ADAS Solutions, we've got you covered.

UV technologies

UV-A repairs from R-M at the speed of light

UV portfolio

Greatly reduces energy use during the curing cycle.

Curing with UV-A light uses less power and generates lower surface temperatures, reducing the cooling phase and allowing painters to get straight onto the next stage of the repair. It also means that it’s no longer necessary to heat the entire spray booth or vehicle for the drying process. Added to this, it lowers the risk of plastic parts deforming during the refinishing process.

A high level of painter safety

UV-A technology also enhances painter safety. UV curing lamps are fitted with a filter to block the UV-B and UV-C rays, so only UV-A wavelengths are emitted – the safest of the three wavelengths. Plus, if a painter isn’t directly in front of the lamp, there’s virtually no exposure to UV-A light at all.

Up to 25% faster process times when compared to oven and infrared drying

Increase your productivity with the UV-A Portfolio. Save time and effort while delivering outstanding results.

This faster process leads to 40% more jobs

R-M‘s smart UV-A technology ensures quicker curing times than any other curing method used in bodyshops today. Plus, there’s no need to mix hardeners into the products.

On average, body shops use up to 50% less energy on each job with UV-A technology

UV-A light offers a huge reduction in VOCs and CO2 emissions in the curing process – making it safer and easier for bodyshops to use and far better for the environment.


eSense: good for cars and for the environment

The new type of repair – with R-M’s eSense products

Discover products that conserve the environment by reducing CO2 in the manufacturing process, yet still guarantee perfect paint repairs. With R-M’s eSense products, fossil resources are conserved and replaced mathematically by renewable resources. And best of all, the more eSense products our partners use, the higher the share of renewable components is in the future.
esense logo

Thanks to e’Sense, we saved 3.363t CO2

That means you could drive 31.305.419 km*, which is 81 times the distance to the moon. *Average value of a car in Europe from 2018-2022 120g CO2/km. Since 2023 95g CO2/km.
esense 2024

*BASF product carbon footprints are calculated following general standards for life cycle assessment and product carbon footprints. The product carbon footprints are assessed cradle to gate, i.e. without CO2 emissions caused during product application and end-of-life treatment. Our product carbon footprint data is based on assumptions and approximations valid at the time of data collection. For more information, please visit this page. eSense products contribute to reducing the use of fossil resources and reducing the CO2 emissions via the biomass balance approach. In BASFs biomass balance approach, renewable raw materials like bio-based naphtha and biomethane from organic waste are used as raw materials when manufacturing primary chemical products and are fed into the production Verbund. The proportion of bio-based raw materials is then arithmetically assigned to certain sales products according to a certified method. This attribution model is comparable with the principle of green electricity. For our biomass balance products, 100% of the feedstock required for these products (chemical product only / excluding packaging material)  have been replaced by renewable resources. All our eSense products are independently certified according to the RedCert² standard. (BASF certification number REDcert²-929-35346515). For more information, please visit this page. When reference is made to CO2 savings per traveled kilometer, a standard CO2 emission of 95 grams per travelled car kilometer is assumed. You can find more information about BASFs biomass balance approach on this page. 


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