A Pioneer in EV Repairs and Sustainable Solutions

Lozza Bodyshop is a renowned leader in the Italian market, known for its innovative and sustainable approach to auto repairs, and is an approved repair shop for brands like Tesla and Mercedes. With over 30 years of experience in the industry and a long-standing partnership with R-M, Alberto Lozza, CEO and founder of Lozza SAS has been at the forefront of the future of the body shop industry.
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Pioneering with R-M

Lozza Bodyshop has always strived for sustainable repair processes, and for this reason, e’sense Pioneer Series UV and air-drying solutions have been introduced from the very beginning. Lozza was also one of the first body shops in Europe to use the AGILIS waterborne paint line, resulting in high efficiency and greater productivity. As electric vehicles (EVs) gained popularity, Lozza Bodyshop recognized the need to restructure and train its staff to work on EVs. The body shop started its EV repairs journey when the first Tesla models entered the market. With continuous training and experience, Lozza Bodyshop is now fully equipped to repair all types of electric vehicles. The process of adapting the body shop to work on EVs began with trained personnel, dedicated areas, and tools. The entire repair process follows stringent safety protocols to ensure the safety of everyone involved. For this reason, Lozza Bodyshop adopts "ad-hoc" processes. A new area of the body shop in Bergamo, dedicated exclusively to EVs for approximately 1000sqm, will soon be open. Training plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of all those who work on an EV. Lozza Bodyshop recognizes the risks involved and does not compromise on safety. Proper training is essential to ensure that the car is set up according to the OEM standards. In this regard, R-M has been a valuable partner to Lozza Bodyshop. Together, they have chosen a paint process suitable for EVs, such as UV products on the preparation phase, reducing the temperatures during the drying process without any risk to the car's batteries. This process is highly efficient and energy-saving. When working on an EV repair, Lozza Bodyshop ensures that safety protocols are followed strictly. The team also follows the carmaker's instructions, requiring dedicated and trained technicians. Lozza Bodyshop is a Tesla Approved Bodyshop, and to obtain this qualification, the staff had to be trained according to the OEM's strict guidelines. Lozza Bodyshop's paint process prioritizes safety and the preservation of all vehicle parts, including batteries, cables, and powertrain. The paint process developed with R-M allows the team to prep the car without using the spray booth, reducing the temperatures and timing for the drying of the tinting-bases with the new efficient line AGILIS. In some cases, they also use air-drying clears. This dedicated process is efficient, sustainable, and suitable for all types of cars, including non-EVs. The EV industry is rapidly developing, with high technology and sophistication. Lozza Bodyshop believes that EVs will play a growing role in the automotive industry in the coming years, with all new cars in Europe being electric by 2035. Lozza Bodyshop is ready to embrace the progress and anticipate the steps with R-M's support. Overall, Lozza Bodyshop is a pioneer in EV repairs and sustainable solutions. The body shop has continuously evolved and embraced new technologies, positioning itself as a leader in the future of the body shop industry. Learn more on Lozzaspa.it #lozzaspa @lozzaspa_official
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