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With the tremendous growth and the number and types of electric vehicles and hybrid models continuing, it is of paramount importance to research and adhere to the latest OEM repair procedures and battery tolerances before proceeding to any repair work. Electric Vehicles technology is continuously evolving along with our solutions to meet such needs.


R-M Pioneer Series helps shape the future of mobility with the development of the latest eco-effective technologies and solutions.

The electric vehicle sector (EV) is a fast growing one. More electric cars are on the road. Consequently, body shops will receive an increasing number of jobs and it’s highly important to be aware of several safety aspects when refinishing an EV, for example drying temperature. R-M has solutions suitable to the required conditions specified by the vehicle manufacturers. R-M Pioneer Series Air drying solutions allow drying at air temperature with no need to heat the spray booth and to reduce CO2 emissions and energy costs. This helps to start the EV repair process earlier and to increase the number of vehicles body shop can repairs. Also, curing with UV-A light generates much lower surface temperatures, thus eliminating any need for a cooling phase, and reducing process times, which allow painters to get straight onto the next stage of the repair. It also means that it is no longer necessary to heat the entire spray booth or the vehicle for the drying process.
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