Citroën concept car oli [all-ë] painted with R-M

Citroën concept car oli [all-ë] painted with R-M’s AGILIS paint line and created with materials and expertise from BASF
Concept Car OLI


Together with Citroën, we joined this journey to a new fully electric car concept: oli [all-ë]. Less is more!

This is not about the fastest or most luxurious car but a testament to how much can be saved by reducing weight and resource usage on a step forward to sustainable mobility.  A minimalistic approach paved the way for a refreshing and innovative design. Various components have been radically reinterpreted and constructed by using materials in a different context. The team was using plastics, coatings and 3D printing from BASF in a way that had never been done before. Explore this microcosm of ideas and solutions! 

The color of the body perfectly conveys the concept of the car: Its complexity was reduced to the bare minimum. However, it does not compromise on aesthetics. At first glance it seems to be a pure white color, but mica particles have been added to perfectly emphasize the shape of the car. For all its simplicity, the color thus provides the necessary functionality. Responsibility also played a major role:

The concept car was painted with the latest generation of waterborne coatings. AGILIS® by BASF’s premium refinish brand R-M ® is one of the most eco-friendly automotive refinish coatings in the market thanks to its extremely low volatile organic compound (VOC) values.

Thanks to its advanced productivity, AGILIS® helps body shops increase their performance even further. As an innovative response to current and future challenges, AGILIS® has a new pigment technology and ensures a faster process through easier application with millions of color matches to choose from.

Most recently the BASF Innovations and Citroën oli concept car have been presented in the R-M Refinish Competence Center in Clermont. 
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