Become the fastest, greenest, most colorful you.

Choose AGILIS®. Proven to be the best in the industry. Contact us today to learn more.



Take your painting process to another level

The pioneering new waterborne basecoat paint system from R-M. It has everything you need.

Proven to be the fastest in the industry.

Up to 40% less process time for a faster you. When it comes to speed, AGILIS® beats all competition. So don’t just be fast, be the fastest there is with AGILIS®.
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Tested in over 1000 body shops and 20 countries to give your business up to 40% shorter process times.


It also uses up to 30% less material thanks to its class-leading hiding power.


With AGILIS® Amplifier you can use leftovers from previous mixes for another up to 20% less consumption.

Proven to be the lowest VOC in the industry.

40% below the VOC limit for a greener you. Emit 40% below the legal VOC limit. Use up to 30% less material. Create less waste and save up to 20% less material by using leftover paint from previous mixes. Repair at any temperature. Put it all together and you’ll be greener than all the competition.
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When it comes to VOC levels, AGILIS® beats them all at <250g/l, which is 40% below the legal VOC limit.


Plus with AGILIS® Extreme you can repair at any temperature and still keep the lowest VOC.


Combine it with the new AGILIS® Amplifier and you can use leftover paint for the next mix, consuming another up to 20% less.

Proven to have the best color in the industry.

100% digital color matching for a brighter you. When it comes to color accuracy, AGILIS® beats them all. So make your team faster, sharper and more precise. Choose AGILIS®.
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100% accurate digital color matching.


Precisely retrieve every color with 100% accuracy thanks to the world’s most comprehensive color database.


Plus, Tricoat robustness leads to a simplified workflow, turning a 3 stage process into a 2 stage process for unbeatable speed, reliability and sustainability.
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Take your painting process to another level

The pioneering new waterborne basecoat paint system from R-M. It has everything you need.


Give your experience a new dimension


Lead the environmental change

AGILIS® sets the standard with the highest eco-effectiveness ratio in the industry.

It gives you the chance to grow, become even more competitive and yet still be able to reduce your environmental impact. Improve your ecological footprint now with AGILIS®.


Next level support services

An industry-leading product line up is just the start. With AGILIS® our core mission is to make your day-to-day work easier and faster by streamlining every single process. High-performance efficiency is everything.


Six at once: fastest simultaneous mixing exclusively with AGILIS®. Profit from the fully automatic Alfa CR4/CR6 machine. Produce up to 6 mixes in less than 15 minutes or a single mix in 6 minutes. Benefit from a high performance, digital experience with Refinity.
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A clearly structured workplace – for increased efficiency. Mixing-shelf to store and stir products. Digital working station to retrieve and scale mixing formulas. Service package for installation and after sales services. Optional add-ons for color retrieval and SMART repair options.
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Certified sustainability: highest level of eco-effectiveness. A concept for you to become the best in class body shop focused on sustainability. Proves and promotes sustainability and quality in your body shop. Its credibility is tested and confirmed by the independent 3rd party, TÜV Süd.
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AGILIS® Xtreme

Even in extreme conditions, AGILIS® exceeds expectations: achieving up to half a vehicle without any additional solvent trick (stay always under 250 g/L).
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