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Toyota Plaza Bahrain boosts efficiency with R-M paint

R-M, BASF’s premium automotive paint brand, is the new refinish paint and service partner of Toyota Plaza, the largest automotive service, repair and maintenance centre within the network of service centres belonging to Ebrahim K. Kanoo B.S.C.(c), the exclusive distributor of Toyota and Lexus vehicles in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The largest and most comprehensive After-Sales Service Centers for Toyota and Lexus in the region, Toyota plaza Bahrain spreads over 1 million square feet and has more than 300 working bays, with 135 of them being used for bodywork and refinishing jobs.

“We are proud to be the paint partner for Plaza, a company that sets the standard in terms of competence, professionalism, size and quality. By providing them with R-M, we would like to expand their outstanding reputation further,” says Marco Hoepker, Regional Business Manager Middle East, BASF.

For Toyota Plaza’s management, in addition to the product quality, a key factor to work with R-M is the broad package of services and support offered, which improve efficiency in the refinishing workflow. In particular, R-M’s comprehensive “Programmes for Success” portfolio includes innovative services, tools, trainings, and performance management modules that help drive profitability and efficiency.

From R-M’s perspective, the foundations of partnership begin with reliable product delivery and include certified training organisation and bodyshop support. For example, with Shop Master, Toyota Plaza gets an optimal stock management computer program for paint and paint-related products.

With Info R-M, Plaza can skill up their employee base with a 24/7 online learning platform that is always up to date. Even experienced professionals can easily find and learn new and relevant process information using the systematically built learning environment.

“Our Shop Master software fits perfectly into Plaza’s existing bodyshop management system. It enables them to analyse their profitability better and put them on the path to long-term success,” said Phil Mcgough, Business Development Manager Middle East, at BASF. “With this integrated software-controlled inventory management, they have a better transparency on the products in use, including all non-paint products.”

For the After-sales Senior General Manager at Toyota Plaza, Micheal Goode, the changeover to R-M paint products went without a glitch. “The process introduction was done during normal business hours, with real jobs and using our standard equipment. It was easy for our staff to work with the R-M paint system.”

This new addition to the list of professional bodyshops using R-M is further testimony that modern bodyshops not only require the highest level of quality available and confirms the value the end user places on the support level from their chosen product suppliers. R-M's innovative solutions ensure that customers are working with cutting-edge technology at all times.