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Best Painter Contest

Valuing the future

R-M launched the International Best Painter Contest several years ago. Today, it is a major event in the profession with young painters from all over the world gathering in Clermont de l’Oise for the final and expressing their passion through technical and creative exercises. R-M uses the opportunity provided by this contest to promote the future of this fine trade and honour the talent and know-how of tomorrow’s great painters.

Colors & Design

    Donkervoort is a manufacturer of hand-built roadsters that look great both on the road and on the racetrack.
    The stylish speedsters feature a low weight that lends them momentum and speed, thanks to a combination of a tubular frame with carbon fiber, also called hybrid chassis. For this purpose, it requires a finish that is both transparent and robust. The specialist for this is the R-M brand.



      With its Colors & Design by R-M initiative, R-M encourages technicians to think beyond automotive refinish painting close to innovative colors and latest paint applications. R-M partners professional design engineers, premium OEMs, small car manufacturers or automotive design schools.

      R-M THE CODE is an annual program of creativity, design and technology. The platform features the works of visionary selected designers across mobility who are using R-M paint’s technology to push the boundaries of creative expression.
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      The code

      THE CODE is launched by R-M and TheArsenale, premium online market place dedicated to the style of motion. Twelve independent design engineers from Europe are invited to work on individual projects painted with R-M paints.

      The participants, selected by TheArsenale, vary from small unique artists Lucky Cat Garage based in France, experienced Von Zadig in Belgium to much larger design companies such as KISKA in Austria, high-end customized car builder Caresto in Sweden or British artist Death Spray Custom or even the Italian, Lapo Elkann representing Garage Italia Customs.
      All projects are on view on the social media channels with final exposition planned in 2018. THE CODE stands for a special color code for each designer as the color and paint can be a unique eye catcher for each design.

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