R-M® leads the way with energy reduction and faster productivity with new UV-A solutions. | rmpaint
R-M® leads the way with energy reduction and faster productivity with new UV-A solutions.

Speed through repairs.

UV-A technology is a refinish revolution that lets bodyshops complete repairs at the speed of light. A new generation of products from R-M is now available across the full repair process, bringing with them bold new benefits with the full range of UV bodyfiller, primer and the new UV Clear Coat: UV Finish-R C 2P30. With these products, R-M leads the way with energy reduction and process times. These products offer faster curing times, around 50% less energy consumption, 40% faster throughput and overall increase in bodyshop efficiency. And it doesn’t end there! See for yourself how R-M is helping body shops reduce its CO2 emissions, produce less waste and upgrade as leaders in #EcoEffectiveness.

Super-efficient repair process

R-M’s revolutionary UV-A technology levels up performance with up to 25% quicker curing times than any other curing source used in body shops today. Added to this, this cutting-edge technology offers better hardness, durability, chemical resistance, and there’s no need to mix hardeners into the products either, resulting in even more savings in time and money. 

“Everybody wins with UV-A technology, which helps bodyshops create large reductions in VOC and CO2 emissions in the curing process – making it safer and easier for bodyshops to use, and far better for the environment,” said Mirko Arnold, Vice President - Global Technology Automotive Refinish Coatings, BASF Coatings. 

Greatly reduces energy use

UV-A light uses much less energy to cure products, saving on average an incredible 50% less energy on jobs. Such innovation also reduces the entire cool down phase, due to the lower surface temperatures generated during curing. This gives teams a performance edge, as they can move straight onto the

Significantly increases speed

UV-A means you can now literally dry at the speed of light. Unlike oven and infrared drying, UV-A is incredibly fast and the curing process generatesmuch lower surface temperatures.

Advanced painter safety

UV-A technology creates top-level painter safety. UV curing lamps are fitted with a filter to block the UV-B and UV-C rays, so only UV-A wavelengths are emitted – the safest of the three wavelengths. Plus, if a painter isn’t directly in front of the lamp, there’s virtually no exposure to UV-A light at all.