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Citröen reveals electric concept car painted with R-M® AGILIS®

Citröen and BASF reveal electric concept car oli – painted with R-M® AGILIS®

  • New car concept for sustainable and affordable mobility
  • Innovative materials provide simplicity and enhanced functionality
  • Solutions for saving resources and achieving a circular economy

It’s no longer about the fastest or most luxurious car. Citroën and BASF have unveiled their all-electric concept car oli [all-ë], a manifesto to how much can be saved by reducing weight and resource usage. “This concept car shows what can be achieved when partners trust one another and are bold enough to tread new paths,” explained Uta Holzenkamp, President Coatings, representing the automotive team at BASF. “The result is an entire microcosm of ideas and solutions that goes way beyond the original concept.”

The weight of the vehicle exterior was also considerably reduced, while at the same time increasing stability and durability. The hood, roof, and trunk are made of panels combining the Elastoflex® polyurethane system and the Elastocoat® spray paint system. Thanks to the honeycomb sandwich structure, these panels are so stable that you can even stand on them. This is part of the vehicle’s functionality.

The color of the body perfectly conveys the concept of the car: Its complexity was reduced to the bare minimum. However, it does not compromise on aesthetics. At first glance it seems to be a pure white color, but mica particles have been added to perfectly emphasize the shape of the car. For all its simplicity, the color thus provides the necessary functionality.

Responsibility also played a major role: R-M AGILIS® waterborne basecoats are one of the most eco-friendly automotive refinish coatings on the market thanks to their extremely low volatile organic compound values (VOC value of below 250 g/l).

This principle of simplicity was also implemented during production. With the driver and front passenger doors being identical, this saves on pressing tools and reduces complexity. The same applies to all wheel arches and bumpers. The oli concept car is proof of the fact that sustainability and an appealing design are not contradictory.

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