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The R-M range of body fillers is specially designed to meet your requirements for a perfect finish, on all surfaces and for all types of repair. R-M has seven body fillers in the range offering a comprehensive range of technologies, ensuring that you will always be able to find a perfect solution accurately targeted for every repair…

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CARIZZMA by R-M is the unique color concept and the world’s first professional custom paint range to use waterborne technology. CARIZZMA by R-M is specially developed for the customization/personalization of any vehicle using unique colors and designs. CARIZZMA was launched in the United States in 2003. Building on its success in North America, a VOC-compliant version of CARIZZMA by R-M was developed for the European market. It meets VOC legislation requirements as it is used with the ONYX HD waterborne paint system.

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The R-M waterborne basecoat system

At R-M, we consider the protection of the environment and our customers a priority. We strive constantly to develop innovative products that are easier to use, yet enable you to achieve the best possible result in the fastest possible time.

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MIXING BASE W : The pigments that make all the differents

Improve the performance of ONYX HD

Eight new base colors with an incredibly high pigment concentration provide the following advantages :
- Cost-effectiveness is guatanteed, thanks to the reduction in labor costs and product consumption.
- Good quality repairs that ensure increased customer satisfaction.
- Work is made easier for painters with products that are simple to use.


Ultra-concentrated pigments for major saving
Between 15% and 40% product saving by reducing the number of basecoats required.
Up to 50% saving in process time

Achieving the perfect result, easily !

- Increased covering power
- Faster flash off times
- Outstanding through-drying
- Reduced process times

R-M innovation - relax and enjoy significantly improved performance

R-M does not innovate at the expense of your working practices and standard processes. The high density technology employed in ONYX HD is based on R-M’s world leading experience in waterborne technology and is well proven in the field since 1995 as it requires no changes to your usual processes. You can use your current spray booth, mixing machine and compliant spray gun technology. R-M provides solutions that respect the latest developments in automotive refinish technology and ONYX HD works perfectly with the new generation Colormaster color tool.
ONYX HD is also compatible with CRYSTAL BASE and SPECIAL CRYSTAL BASE, two ranges of special effect tinting bases.

80% less solvent emissions

ONYX HD offers an 80% reduction in solvent emissions when compared to conventional automotive refinish paint technology. The solvent content of ONYX HD, mixed ready for use is around 150 grams per litre..

Up to 90% less waste

ONYX HD makes waste management easy, with no change to your normal working practices. Cleaning spray guns is simple using an automatic gun cleaner, which treats water by flocculation through the use of Hydropure. This easy to use system can reduce waste volume by up to 90%.

Faster drying times

Speed of drying is essential to optimize throughput and R-M has specified Dry Jet as the perfect system to speed drying of ONYX HD. Dry Jet is a drying system for panel repair which again uses a standard compressed air connection.

The perfect finish

ONYX HD offers the very highest quality finish thanks to the renowned CHRONOLUX CP and CRYSTALCLEAR CP clearcoats, which perform brilliantly with waterborne basecoat.

VOC legislation

ONYX HD complies with the demands of Europe's stringent VOC emissions regulations [< 420 g/l] and combines the environmental benefits of a waterborne system with the simplicity of preparation, application and storage of a conventional system.


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The R-M repair system for solid colors

UNO HD reflects the R-M philosophy at its best : a genuine respect of the environment, high performance, perfect results, economy and productivity.

High covering and filling power

UNO HD guarantees very good application properties, high productivity and excellent covering power due to the strength of its pigment concentration. Its high solid content results in substantial product savings too.

UNO HD’s excellent polishability and superb drying characteristics also enables bodyshops to complete all types of repair quickly and effectively, obtaining a perfect finish every time.

… with complementary products

A solution with CHRONOTOP ensures perfect spot repairs in the fastest possible time. Like all R-M products, UNO HD offers not only the performance and efficiency of an easy-to-use technology, but also reflects R-M’s commitment and determination to remain the key to your success.

Add to these factors the efficiency of the latest compliant spray gun technology and your solvent emissions will be reduced even further.



UNO HD’s versatility achieves a VOC option of less than 420 g/l when using the specially developed additives: SC 07, SC17 and H420 as the hardener.


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A high-tech solution by R-M

Matching special effect colors has never been so easy

Today bodyshops are expected to match an increasing number of special effect colors. CRYSTAL BASE from R-M, these concentrated bases have been developed exclusively for special effect pigments and packaged in 125 ml bottles.

The CRYSTAL BASES advantages make the difference

- No stirring is necessary, so the mixing machine will not be tied up.
- 125 ml bottles are specially designed for use with special effect pigments.
- A special dispensing cap easier usage and accurate dosage.
- Minimum investment provides a complete set of pigments for special 
- The CRYSTAL BASE range has a practical storage chest. The bottles are 
  arranged "upside-down" which makes them easier to work with and
  enables you to use them "down to the last drop".

Innovate without changing your working processes

CRYSTAL BASE is perfectly compatible with the two R-M basecoat systems DIAMONT and ONYX HD. Just like a conventional base, CRYSTAL BASE is treated simply as a component in the formula for special effect colors.

SPECIAL CRYSTAL BASES : an answer to very specific requirements

These new bases can also be used to repair a number of special pigment-base colors used by car manufacturers, therefore very specific requirements can be met easily.



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With DIRECTFILLER  BLACK, GREY and WHITE, there’s one less step for increased profitability !

Every product throughout the R-M range combines ease of use with maximum profitability.

As R-M strives for total perfection, ongoing product development sees continuous improvements in efficiency and performance.

DIRECTFILLER  BLACK GREY and WHITE guarantees high anti corrosion protection is easy to apply and sand, giving perfect results.

DIRECTFILLER BLACK GREY and WHITE has superb adhesion properties and excellent corrosion protection, enabling
it to be applied direct to bare steel, galvanized steel and aluminium.

By using FLEXPRO, application on plastic is as well possible. By eliminating the need or an etch primer, DIRECTFILLER BLACK GREY and WHITE has proved itself with bodyshops since 2012.


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The difference is black and white

EXTRASEALER BLACK and WHITE wet-on-wet sealers bring new levels of speed and efficiency to the preparation and refinishing of new panels and are perfectly suited to rapid minor damage repairs, promoting optimum adhesion for the complete range of R-M topcoats.
The ultimate greyshade sealers.

Mix the shade you need for massive savings

EXTRASEALER BLACK and EXTRASEALER WHITE are designed to be intermixed to provide no less than eight primer shades, or tinted with 5% UNO HD  or ONYX HD mixing bases for topcoat savings of up to 40% and up to a 45% reduction in application time.

Time saving, energy saving and streamlining

You need to be cost effective and with the increasing demands of insurance companies to reduce repair costs, EXTRASEALER reduces process times still further through SpeedArt, eliminating time consuming sanding during pretreatment and prior to topcoat application: Using EXTRASEALER, the SpeedArt process makes it possible to eliminate sanding. Further significant topcoat savings can be made through the use of the greyshade guide, optimizing the efficiency of the topcoat, reducing process time and material consumption.

Your bodyshop will profit from two hardeners

D80 is the preferred harderner for large areas which ensures drying in 15 minutes at 20°C bringing your bodyshop the fastest possible throughput. D70 fast hardener is preferred for cold temperatures.

For the perfect match, use the EXTRASEALER greyshade guide (download it from the left column) ! EXTRASEALER BLACK and WHITE, perfect greyshades for R-M topcoats.


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The high quality, fast and efficient greyshade
primer filler program

The PERFECTFILLER offer combines PERFECTFILLER WHITE, GREY and BLACK to obtain the closest grey color to maximise the performance of the vehicle topcoat. The PERFECTFILLER concept has established itself as the industry standard in greyshade primer fillers providing unbeatable coverage for every topcoat color.

Easy to use with a 100 : 25 : 25 ratio, the option of D70 or D80 hardeners and application in two or three coats, PERFECTFILLER significantly reduces product consumption and application time, while optimising the covering power of topcoats. PERFECTFILLER, the greyshade primer filler program for painters who demand perfection !


The high performance greyshade primer fillers

PROFILLER White, PROFILLER Grey and PROFILLER Black combine to provide a complete, performance greyshade primer filler program that is fast and easy to use, has excellent sanding properties and maximises the covering power of all R-M topcoats, reducing application times and material consumption.


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