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Best Talents in the R-M® Best Painter Design challenge

In the Creativity task the best painters were asked to show their creativity and color competence with a two-tone blending application as well as the technical exellence with the required branding. 

On July 9, R-M presented the results of the amazing work done. Congratulations to all participants from all over the world. The Japanese candidate Masaya Kataoka was nominated as Top 1 with a luxury design of another futuristic and emotional gradation inspired by achromatic colors as the VW Golf Touran and the Asian Pacific color trend of CODE-X. A Social media voting on Instagram finally decided on Top 2 Germany and 3 USA.  The German candidate Josephine Ellwein created a color design inspired by the evening sky with orange and pink as close to each other in the color circle. Jeffrey Naugle created a design to represent the USA with red, white and blue. The Design challenge is on-going: The next task will be kicked off to allow the painters to increase their competencies with a set of digital E-learnings.

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R-M®, BASF's premium automotive refinish paint brand, supports the talents of the next generation of spray painters in the industry. Due to ongoing social distancing measures in place in many countries, R-M today announces that the international final of 13th R-M Best Painter Contest will be postponed to 2022.  For this interim period, R-M also announces that a series of competitive activities, challenges and e-learnings will take place to support the contest's motto of "Driving digital competency and eco-efficient solutions".  Dubbed the "R-M Best Painter Design Challenge 2021", this new program will focus on the combination of quick processes, digital solutions and sustainability.  

The rule for participation and award winning prizes will be find attached. #rmbestpainter2021