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Vy train gets new look by R-M paint

Our customer @ExtraServicePartner from @Billakksenteret in Norway did a great job in refinishing the entire train to support the new identify of Vy, formerly Norwegian rail association NSB's Bergensbanen train, with R-M’s color and paint competence #GRAPHITE HD. 

Vygruppen, branded as Vy, formerly Norges Statsbaner (NSB) (branded internationally as the Norwegian State Railways), is a government-owned railway company which operates most passenger train services and many bus services in Norway.

Its sub-brands include Vy Buss coach services, CargoNet freight trains through and the Swedish train transport company Tågkompaniet. In 2009 NSB carried 52 million train passengers and 104 million bus passengers. On 24 April 2019, passenger train and bus services were rebranded by as Vy. The new painted train will be seen on 485 kilometres

between Oslo and Bergen – watch out, ready to face time! 

click hereExtra Servicepartner AS - Bergensbanen - YouTube