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R-M THE CODE is proud to present UJET

Ujet is a high-tech company based in Luxembourg, with the ambition to reimagine urban mobility and living around the world. Their first product, the elegantly designed, technology-packed scooter combines exceptional practicality, smart connectivity and high performance materials. Ujet’s high performance and clean technologies are combined with disruptive design.

Not only the shape, but also the colors play here a very important role. Its high quality guarantees R-M’s state-of-the-art paints. By working closely with R-M, Ujet created and developed unique paints to accentuate and highlight all the angles and polygons exposed by disruptive design of the frame.

While working together with R-M, Ujet developed an intricate shade of blue called Bel Air Blue that slightly changes shades and reflections under different viewing angles and lighting sources. Resembling the clear sunny sky of Bel Air, the ritzy area of Los Angeles with a prominently lavish living style and the backdrop to match; the color implores sun and riding that will motivate anyone to ride the scooter with a smile on their face.

Discover the first film from UJET in Luxembourg with the kind support of Hugues Despres, CEO of UJET.





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