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Smart R-M: Color Explorer Online now available on Smartphone!

Available from November 2011, the R-M Color Explorer Online mobile application will make the job of painters in car repair shops easier, in particular bodyshop’s productivity and performance in color research. Color searches by smartphone, this application will be faster and more reliable.

Most of the R-M bodyshops throughout the world have internet access and use Color Explorer Online, the color-searching tool that helps them to find the right formula in no time. Painters who use their smartphone for internet access in large bodyshops for example, or regions like Skandinavia or Siberia, will benefit from the next generation of Color Explorer Online mobile application from November 2011. "By launching this mobile application we aim to help our customers to be even faster and more effective in the color searching process", explains Roland Ricard, Color Systems Product Manager at R-M in Clermont.

Direct and more efficient

By connecting to the Color Explorer Online software using his Smartphone, the painter enters the color code shown on the vehicle and is provided with a list of variants and matching Colormaster card references. All he needs to do now is look for the set of cards in Colormaster, select the right color and see the formula displayed on the screen. No more trips backwards and forwards between the vehicle and the office, lists to print and risks of time wasting copying errors in noting down the reference number!

All the functionalities of Color Explorer Online, and mobility on top!

"The Color Explorer Online on Smartphone application offers exactly the same functionalities, volume of data and frequency of updates as those available on the computer, in over 30 languages. It has merely been adapted to make it easier to read on the small screen" emphasises Roland Ricard. "This mobility will bring real advances in bodyshops: fewer unnecessary trips, fewer errors, and quite simply, more productivity."

R-M pioneered the use of this technology back in 2000 when it launched a WAP compatible application, which enabled internet pages to be displayed on a mobile phone. "But at the time, the market was not sufficiently mature: the mobile phone ownership rate among users and the speed of the network was inadequate" remembers Roland Ricard.

When a Smartphone maximises productivity

Today, everything has changed. France, for example, has one of the highest mobile phone ownership rates in Europe: over 80 % of the population has a mobile phone, over 7 million people use a Smartphone. The mobile network offers a very satisfactory bandwidth and rate of coverage. Asia is still in the lead, but in France and Europe the mobile phone ownership rate is increasing rapidly. This trend will become more accentuated in future years due to the significant fall in the price of Smartphones as the market reaches maturity. "All the conditions are now in place so that more and more bodyshops will use this tool", concludes Roland Ricard.

By offering Color Explorer Online on Smartphone, R-M yet again affirms its ability to develop innovative, user-friendly solutions and services to help its customers make lasting improvements to their performance and profitability.

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