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Save up to 70% energy costs with the low-energy repair process from R-M®

R-M, premium automotive refinish brand of BASF, develops eco-effective solutions to offer bodyshop customers savings potential by countering rising energy costs in a sustainable way. In the past few years, energy costs and CO2 requirements have steadily increased. In response, R-M developed a low-energy repair process to enable customers to carry out high-quality repairs in an efficient energy-saving way.  Now customers can access training via infoR-M, an exclusive online learning platform, which helps users stay on top of new skills and knowledge.

“R-M’s low-energy repair process* helps body shops save money, beat rising energy costs and reduce CO2 output at the same time. The ground-breaking IR technology leads up to 70% lower energy costs while bodyshops can save up to 60% on gas per repair cycle. R-M’s air-drying and IR technology offer bodyshops the best of both worlds: protecting the planet and saving money,” said Stefan Friedrich-Liebenberg, Marketing Manager Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions EMEA.

Pioneer Series is R-M’s most revolutionary complete range of solutions. Every aspect of every product is refined to create the ultimate finish while ensuring sustainability. It’s why all Pioneer Series clear coats, undercoats, and mixing clears are eSense products, manufactured based on renewable resources. Highly economical, productive and efficient, Pioneer Series is guaranteed to deliver exceptional results.

R-M AGILIS, the most environmentally friendly waterborne basecoat system, can be applied wet-on-wet which significantly reduces the number of application steps and flash-off time. The process time is up to 35% shorter compared to market standards. The material consumption is lowered up to 20% compared to market standards. This leads to increased throughput and lower energy consumption due to shorter process times. 

“Our eco-effective products are not only great for the business, but they’re also great for the environment. R-M stands for perfect quality as well as social and ecological responsibility. Protecting the environment is in our nature”, said Rahel Reichmann, head of Sustainability, Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions EMEA. “Sustainability is at the core of what we do and a core growth driver for customers around the world. With R-M, body shops not only save money, they help protect the environment, too.”

 *60°C standard process compared with Pioneer Series process with

  IR technology (AIR Purpos-R Black @ IR, AGILIS, SPEED Finish-R @ IR)

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