The R-M Refinish Competence Center in Clermont is developping into one of the most modern training facilities in Europe | rmpaint
The R-M Refinish Competence Center in Clermont is developping into one of the most modern training facilities in Europe

R-M, a premium brand in the automotive refinish industry is setting new standards: one of the most modern training centers in Europe will emerge from the complete restructuring of the Refinish Competence Center in Clermont, France. The European training center in Clermont is known as the home of R-M. The premium paint brand’s international color laboratory is also situated within the adjacent manufacturing facility. During the comprehensive renovation program, R-M is closing the training center from June 2012 until April 2013 in order to redesign it in line with the very latest technologies and advanced training concepts.

“In 2013, R-M will have one of the most modern training centers for automotive refinishing in Europe,” said Ronny Raeymakers, manager of the training center.  “This fundamental restructuring will provide the perfect conditions for implementing training sessions here for our customers, including industry specialists, from painters to bodyshop owners.”

At the same time, the design and planning being undertaken by the architects and engineers will be supported by the in-house experts and partner companies in order to tailor the R-M Refinish Competence Center perfectly, to the specific requirements befitting one of Europe’s most modern training facilities. “As a premium brand, R-M expects nothing but the best in order to be able to train and educate our clients and their employees here to the highest level and with the best technical equipment,” says Thomas Gmür, R-M’s brand manager. “Light and open spaces provide a great amount of space for the reception area and for training individual groups. This is how R-M’s clients can effectively become familiarised with the newest technologies and developments in the automotive refinishing business.”
The restructuring works are taking place between June 2012 and the beginning of April 2013. During this time, the planned seminars will be transferred and carried out in peripheral R-M training centres in Europe.

The Refinish Competence Center was set up in 1990 in Clermont, approximately 80 km from Paris. The location is highly desirable for experts and visitors due to its training expertise, its proximity to the international color laboratory and to the automotive refinish paint manufacturing plant. R-M established its reputation as a premium paint brand due to its outstanding reputation for fast, accurate color identification and matching. In addition is the priority R-M gives to supporting its customers across the industry.

With modernising the Refinish Competence Center, once more R-M would like to reinforce its technological competence in automotive refinishing and share its enthusiasm for the vehicle refinishing profession with specialists and interested parties from all over the world. After the reopening, the first highlight will be staging the international R-M Best Painter Contest between 8th and 10th October 2013, where young painters from more than15 countries will demonstrate their abilities in the stunning surroundings of new centre.