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The R-M matt concept – It’s by no means dull!

The vehicle manufacturers are now offering a variety of different gloss levels on everything from the complete car body to contrasting trims and panels. R-M provides bodyshops with a simple solution to provide a range of finishes from deep matt, to a semi glossy satin, without the need for matting pastes and special additives and the simply perfect solution is the R-M Matt Shade Concept incorporating SILICATOP and SATINTOP clears.

Why would anyone want a finish that is, well to be brutally honest, dull?
People want something different. A matt or satin finish does exactly that by providing both individuality as well as a style statement. Until recently, car owners only really considered two things, when it came to choosing the final finish of a car - the color and how shiny it is. Traditionally, high gloss meant high quality.

These satin and matt clears add a subtle dimension to colors, giving blacks and greys a mysterious feel, while softening reds and blues to bring new levels of mutedsubtlety to otherwise bright colors."Matt clearcoat changes the effect of the coating. The muted-looking finish has something of a plastic look to it. They give colors in particular a cool, high-tech feel and create almost haptic effects," says color designer Mark Gutjahr. "While Glossy finishes have something untouchable about them, matt clearcoat makes you want to run your hand over the silky, smooth surface, that makes them a real eyecatcher".

The R-M Matt Shade Concept provides the perfect refinish and repair solution, being easy to apply, using standard R-M thinner and hardener, just two coats providing the optimum effect and a durable finish.

The ease of use and flexibility of these products means that the R-M bodyshop can accurately match the OEM finishes and approvals as well as providing custom finishes for vehicles that have been personalized.

All levels of matt finish can be accurately matched by mixing two clears, including the OEM specific matt shades which can have different gloss levels on vertical and horizontal surfaces. R-M provides the Matt Shade Tool to help refinishers achieve and accurate match and any gloss deviation due to film thickness, flash off times and the use of different hardeners has been eliminated.

Application really couldn’t be simpler as special additives are not required. SILICATOP and SATINTOPboth use with the popular H9000 and H420 hardeners and the well-established SC850 thinner. There are no special techniques required to achieve the perfect satin or matt finish either. Professional refinishers using a standard gravity feed HVLP or compliant gravity feed gun need to apply just two coats allowing the material to flash off after each coat until matt and bake for 30 minutes at 60°C.
What could be simpler?

In addition, R-M SILICATOP and SATINTOP clears provide ease of repair in the event of damage and the durability to survive the day to day wear and tear of day to day use.

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