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R-M Design Challenge: R-M announces the winners

Creativity, colors, technical excellence and digital competence

As a bridge to the International R-M Best Painter Final in 2022, but also to promote continuous learning and engagement, the R-M Best Painter Contest Design Challenge 2021 has been designed open to the finalists already selected in the national finals in EMEA, North America and Asia. The Design Challenge featured three tasks from a creativity task to tackle the challenge of applying two-tone blending technology to a second task digital e-learning and a quiz. A third social media task to challenge using the hashtags #rmbestpainter2021 and each respective country hashtag.
The Global R-M team would like to congratulate all participants for their great results, passion and commitment shown in this Design Challenge. The top 5 winners have been announced :  

1. Team Japan with Masaya Kataoka
2. Team Germany with Josephine Ellwein
3. Team USA with Jeffrey Naugle
4. Team Poland with  Krzysztof Narloch
5. Team Spain with Christian Luis Rodriguez Sanchez   

All participants have shown great talent. The R-M Design challenge results will not count for the International Final. 

The R-M Best Painter contest is an excellent platform for young talents to experience the latest development in the automotive refinish industry.  At this occasion of the winners announcement, R-M presented Refinity, its latest innovation for its refinish bodyshop customers all over the world. Refinity is a secure, could-based, digital solution platform which offers customers a unique and seamless digital experience that is designed to drive body shop performance and profitability.
R-M supports young automotive refinish talents in national Finals still on-going in different countries like Belgium until February with the International Final planned in June 2022. 

R-M Design Challenge Winners #rmbestpainter2021 - YouTube