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R-M The Code - Death Spray Customs - Retro Speed on Water

Death Spray Custom is a British based studio run by artist, David Gwyther. He is a painter, but not in the conventional sense of a paint brush on canvas. Instead he uses car paints and his spray gun is his weapon of choice. David has decorated objects, bicycles, helmets and cars driven by the world’s best drivers.

Working with the R-M Code, David created his own color that he named Mercury Orchid. This time he decided to paint a boat which was a first for him, but as this Welshman’s studio is located by the sea, it made perfect sense. David draws inspiration from everything he lays his eyes on and he treated this project in a unique way, imagining the boat was a soft surface rather than a hard-shelled exterior. The stepped block design of the boat was inspired by 80’s jet ski-wear vibes as well as sportswear of the early 90s.

All of David’s work is inspired by retro and contemporary fashion, military, sports, cinema, and of course motor sports. His painting has a true, premium finish, that is handmade and with impeccable attention to detail.

R-M Code allowed Death Spray Custom access to the best materials and technology to create a unique, high-end product that entices desire. Multiple shades of paint comprise the seemingly simple Mercury Orchid color created by David which really comes alive when the sun rays hit it above the surface of the water. A real, living, breathing water bullet dressed to kill.

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