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R-M announces the winners of the R-M Best Painter in Japan

BASF Japan announced the winners of the 13th R-M Best Painter Contest national finals at its Totsuka site. Eight painters from different body shops took part in the contest in cooperation with the customer management teams. For the first time, the competitors travelled all over the country and their journey was shared on R-M’s social media outlets.

Since 2010, the R-M Best Painter Contest has been a key event in the Japan market to showcase young talent and display the latest body shop solutions. This year the jury was composed of the R-M technical team, supported by ANEST IWATA and RODIM, the painted-related product brand from BASF Coatings.

Takashi Maeda, Director, BASF Coatings Division in Japan congratulated all eight participating body shops and thanked them for their strong enthusiasm, support and success in this competition. "This year, the painters competed at a very high level and it was difficult to grade everyone because their skills were all so good.  Their R-M training was evident in their amazing results," said Maeda,   "I hope these young painters will leverage the knowledge and skills they acquired through this contest in their future careers, and bring trust and joy to our customers."


This year's national finals winners are: 

•    1st place overall: Mr. Takuya Matsuyama from Goshima Kaiun Co., Ltd. at Mercedes-Benz Japan VPC, Toyohashi

•    2nd place: Mr. Masaya Kataoka from K.K. Chuojidosha Bankin Kogyosho (Hanshin Sanyo Holdings Group), Amagasaki, serving Audi (Aluminum Collision Repair), VW, JLR

•    3rd place: Mr. Kohei Matsuo from Nichimen Auto System Corporation Body Repair Center in Hokkaido, serving BMW, MINI, Maserati


R-M utilizes its technical and color-matching skills to deliver premium repair processes for body shops.  In the contest, the finalists were given a number of tasks to show their skills and understanding of preparation and application theory, color knowledge and the blending of a panel in a translucent pure red three-stage color process.