No 1 in Palestine: Interview with Bodyshop Manager - Arab Motor Trade Company, Palestine | rmpaint
No 1 in Palestine: Interview with Bodyshop Manager - Arab Motor Trade Company, Palestine

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Special featured intereview with the R-M customer Arab Motor Trade Company. The company was established as an agency in 2008 to import and sell the vehicles of Kia, SsangYong and Iveco in Palestine. The company has since developed and now also works in the field of vehicle service and in the spare parts trade. When the company was first launched in the Palestinian market, the number of Kia cars was extremely limited here. Over the past thirteen years, AMTPAL has become the number one vehicle seller in Palestine. The company now has six branches, multiple dealerships, and many showrooms distributed across the country. 

Can you tell us something about your relationship with R-M paint and how Shurafa and Company supports your business as a distributor?

Being the distributor of Kia, SsangYong, and IVECO trucks in the region, we maintain our outstanding reputation for the highest level of service. During the past year, we have met with Al-Shurafa Paints Company and discussed the possibility of working together. They are very cooperative and love their work so we were delighted to have them on board. After finalizing the arrangement, we started working together using the R-M line. Immediately, we were impressed by the quality of the materials and the final result produced and we have seen significant improvements in paint shop performance. Moreover, the use of tools such as the Colortronic 12/6 spectrophotometer (a state-of-the-art device which enables us to take colour measurements anywhere) helps improve the work and produces results that customers are satisfied with. Another advantage is speed; we can finish our painting faster which has been reflected in the productivity of our workshop and has also increased the level of customer satisfaction. This all results in the painters achieving consistently high standards of finish quality with less consumption of paint. R-M paint is recognized internationally for its innovative premium refinish products and its extensive portfolio of services. Everyone associated with R-M that I have interacted with has been fully supportive. I have to admit that the products and technology fitted into our bodyshop so well that it felt like we’ve been using R-M products since the beginning. R-M met all of our color requirements because of the extensive database of mixing formulas. Their team of experts regularly visited our premises to ensure application standards.

How do you feel the automotive technician’s main responsibilities have changed in recent years?

Vehicles are an integral part of many peoples’ lives, and it is difficult to manage without them. Therefore, when things go wrong, customers choose a workshop to repair their vehicles; accurate and fast maintenance constitutes an incentive for this choice. Yet, innovations in the automotive industry have also transformed what it means to be an automotive technician. Cars on the road today are now more computerised than ever before, as is the job of maintaining and fixing these vehicles. Instead of taking several hours to diagnose what needs to be fixed, it can take as little as 30 minutes, allowing us more time to spend on repairs. The technician’s trade used to be mostly mechanical but is nowadays primarily technical, requiring employees to be skilled in using the latest computer diagnostic equipment. These technological changes continuously reshape the duties of technicians and so they must be able to deal with the incessant development of the automotive industry. As vehicles become more complex and sensitive, this requires special skills, not only in the mechanical and the electrical areas, but also in body works and paints. In addition to the practical skills required, we think that every technician should have a basic knowledge of the composition of the materials they use and how they interact. This helps to avoid any mistakes and, through understanding the theory, technicians can correct any mistakes that do occur and find out what exactly happened in order to prevent them from reoccurring.