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MIXING BASE W From R-M, increased hiding power for unrivalled efficiency gains

MIXING BASE W is a new mixing base concept developed by R-M, which uses a new formulation concept with a higher pigment content to deliver extraordinary covering power and even greater efficiency when applying an ONYX HD topcoat. This simple and effective solution saves the bodyshop time and significantly reduces material consumption.

This range of intense color concentrates developed by R-M, are available in three new blues and two new greens, together with three powerful reds. Thanks to an entirely new formula, pigment content has been increased so substantially that the resulting coat delivers considerable improvements in coverage, making MIXING BASE W the ideal complement to the waterborne paints in the ONYX HD automotive refinish paint system.

It is extremely easy for R-M bodyshops to integrate MIXING BASE W into the regular processes used when working with ONYX HD. Separate mixing formulae for the color concentrates in MIXING BASE W guarantee precise color matching, and are available alongside the existing ONYX HD formulae.

Thanks to the high pigment content, the application process delivers optimized coverage at the basecoat stage, and the overall application performance is further improved. Individual coats can be applied in thinner layers and that leads to faster flash-off times and outstanding efficiency gains. Furthermore, the surface quality and tape resistance will be immediately evident to the painter together with improved durability and security, particularly when tacking or nibbing between coats.

As a result, material consumption can be reduced by up to 40 per cent and process times by up to 50 per cent. So for any workshop aiming for cost-efficiency in its work processes, the concentrates in MIXING BASE W are a genuine asset, delivering significant time and financial savings.

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