Energy costs are going up. Let’s put a stop to that. | rmpaint
Energy costs are going up. Let’s put a stop to that.

Finding new and innovative ways to save energy is always worthwhile. But with energy prices skyrocketing, body shops now need to be even more conscious of their energy use. That’s why we‘re so proud of our ground-breaking products and solutions, designed specifically to support body shops in lowering their energy consumption by up to 60% while also significantly shortening process times and reducing material consumption. The positive side effect: with R-M, Body shops not only save money, they help protect the environment, too.

Eco-Effectiveness technologies are at the heart of our advanced range of R-M products and solutions. They offer your body shop enormous savings potential by countering rising energy costs in a sustainable way. With this reduction in energy usage, CO2 emissions are reduced, too and fewer volatile chemicals are used in the process. This means eco-effective products aren’t just great for business, they‘re great for the environment, too. By using R-M’s Eco-Effectiveness technologies, your body shop will benefit from shorter process times and an improved carbon footprint, a combination that‘s unique in the market.

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