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Body Shop BOOST - a comprehensive program for the full scope of repair shops

New online based tool with focus on sustainability

R-M, premium brand of BASF’s Coatings division, is launching its Body Shop BOOST program to give collision repair body shops in the Europe, Middle-East and Africa region a complete and comprehensive understanding of their business processes and where improvements need to be made. Body Shop BOOST is a new holistic assessment tool covering the full scope of a repair shop including body, paint, mechanical, sustainability and further infrastructure relevant elements. “This is the first time in the industry where we see the full automotive refinish process being analyzed by a single tool. The process involves three simple steps: undertaking a full assessment with planning and development of the business, improving the processes, and setting clear milestones to achieve the body shop’s goals”, said Jens Müller, Technical Manager EMEA, BASF Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions. Customers in Germany, France and Italy have already been trained and started the program, Spain, Austria and Switzerland will come next.

Body Shop BOOST program involves a modern cloud solution. All results are uploaded to a private online dashboard so users can keep track of their statistics and progress quickly and easily. “Body Shop BOOST considers the future demand of the collision market. Today’s body shop industry is constantly under pressure due to various factors such as margin pressure and the need to align all business goals. The tool is our answer meeting the highest standards from MSOs and OEMs to manage their growing networks and develop their business,” said Jens Müller.

Body shop managers will get a live assessment and will be shown any improvements that need to be made. The assessment features cover all relevant areas under 5S and ISO norm standards, including facility and equipment, repair and quality, training, health and safety sustainability check as well as business figures.

The program gives insights across the entire network of body shops. Managers can steer their business through KPIs and standards and visually monitor the status, efficiency and progress. The dedicated sustainability focus monitors the consumptions, usage, performance of eco-effective products in the portfolio. Body shops will be part of the “green pioneers” of their industry and attract new business partners. “With AGILIS, and e’Sense, as well as our complete UV offer, we have the most productive and greenest paint systems. Now, we want to help body shops to further develop into sustainable players in the market”, said Jens Müller.

Data from the assessment is a strong promotion tool, giving each body shop a clear indication of where they stand and ensuring alignment on all standards. The tool provides a comprehensive overview of data which body shops can use in their promotions and communicate for example their CO2 savings. After the assessment, all the suggested improvements are displayed on the dashboard with clear milestones and structure. A simple traffic light systems makes it easy for the user to follow-up on the Key2Key time development.