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TopScan - Diagnose the bodyshop


TopScan is a quick analysis that reveals potential for improvements and thereby provides essential information on evaluating the performance of your bodyshop. The analysis is completed within a day and is focused mainly on the key performance areas :

     - The painting equipment and methods
     - The production capacities and their use
     - The training requirements

With TopScan, you can identify potential areas for improvement and draw up action plans.


A complete diagnosis of the bodyshop

The Check-up module allows you to perform a complete bodyshop diagnosis: equipment, use of production tools, repair analysis, paint product consumption and working methods, solvent emission calculation, productivity and profit margins.

The results obtained will be compared with R-M standards and the market average : tailor-made recommendations aimed at improving the current situation will then be provided.

With Check-up, you have access to key information that will in turn allow you to make strategic informed decisions on investments and training.

    SCOPE: Optimisation of your work space,down to the smallest detail

    SCOPE is an R-M Programs For Success service module.
    It is a part of the continuous improvement approach, with the aim of providing you with sustainable results in organisation and cost control, lead time, quality as well as safety for your bodyshop.

    Benefits: clean ultra-functional work stations that will generate:

    • Productivity gains depending on the station (reduction in movements and time spent searching for tools or consumables).
    • Better working atmosphere, higher quality and safety.
    • More productive space in the workshop, increased operator comfort, better workflow and more motivation for the technicians.
    • Stock and equipment inspection made easier.
    • Reinforcement of your company image.
    • A solid basis for a continuous improvement approach.


      For your bodyshop to be profitable, you also need a strategic organization

      As an integrated module within Programs For Success, Design is a tailor-made service dedicated to establishing your complete bodyshop. Whenever you contemplate a new build, to expand your existing bodyshop, transform or reorganized it, R-M is there with you during the project, offering you unparallelled organization of onsite flows, as well as control of future production costs.

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      The R-M team’s consultants are experienced and receive regular training; they know everything about our trade, life in a bodyshop, its restrictions and necessities.
      In the midst of your project, perhaps you may simply not have the time or the experience required to develop the perfect site.

      The R-M consultant’s mission is to help you steer your project in order to define the best workflow, limit unnecessary staffing, choose and position the equipment in strategic locations and optimize the workshop’s production.
      The R-M consultant is a trustworthy person who will work alongside you to gather the data that is essential to preparing a case with at least two proposals.


      Design hinges around a ten stage plan.
      1 Analysis of your needs.
      2 Calculation of type of repairs and capacity.
      3 Study of the human dimension of the bodyshop (number of technicians, managers, administrative and commercial staff etc).
      4 Study of the physical dimensions (number of work areas, office space, site surface area etc).
      5 Study of the dimensions of the main production tools and equipment (number and type of spray booths)
      6 Organization of the bodyshop with submission of 2D plans.
      7 3D visual submission with optional film production.
      8 Submission of a full equipment list*.
      9 Costing for the whole project.
      10 Financial appraisal.

      The details of the Design proposal depend on your request.
      There are 3 versions:
      - From the analysis of your needs up to the 2D plans ( 1 to 6 ).
      - From the analysis of your needs up to the 3D plans ( 1 to 7 ).
      - From the analysis of your needs up to the financial appraisal. ( 1 to 10 ).
      * Optional for all 3 versions.

      Express -
      When minor body repairs become a source of profit!

      The main market facts

          - The automotive refinish market is in decline.
           - An increasing amount of minor body damage is not declared to insurance companies and invariably goes unrepaired.
           - Motorists are accustomed to being offered all-inclusive services without any nasty surprises!
           - The paintshop is one of the most profitable business centres with the bodyshop.


      Smart repair services in automotive aftersales are developing quickly (mechanical, windscreens, exhausts, etc.) and form a major part of the customer offer.

      There is still huge potential to develop and diversify business through the paintshop by attacking the cosmetic damage market that is not declared to the insurance companies.
           - Superficial scratches
           - Scratches down to bare metal, with or without panel damage
           - Paint chips, dents…

      The R-M Solution: Express

      Express is one of the modules from R-M's " Programs For Success " program.

      You will have the opportunity to benefit from developing this particularly profitable market - that of minor repairs, repaired within a few hours and not covered by insurance.

      1. With a structured implementation process we will support you on your way to success
           - Full analysis of your current situation including utilisation, potential and available equipment
           - Implementation of quick-drying products, methods as well as technical and commercial training
           - Assistance in defining a fixed price list, based on the damage identified
           - A follow-up tool, that will support you in transforming quotations into repairs and to monitor your Express activities
           - A communication kit that will help you to approach your customers and create demand for small repairs in your bodyshop

      2. A clear offer from you to your customer
      repairs possible in a just a few hours

      repairs respecting the working methods specified by car manufacturers

      preparation of a quick and accurate quotation

      With Express lead your customers in the right direction - yours!

      The Express communication kit has a dual function :
           - Presenting a service that combines speed with efficiency.
           - Creating demand, from those customers who wouldn't normally consider having an estimate drawn up for such unsightly "small scratches" that they would prefer not to see. Our communication kit contributes to the success of your marketing strategy.

      Warranty - Lifetime warranty


      Warranty offers a lifetime guarantee on the refinish and repair work. As a certified Warranty partner, you can highlight the quality and professional standard of your work.

      It provides an excellent opportunity to increase business and maintain good customer relations. Your customers will gain confidence in your bodyshop and return for any other repairs.

      Improving operational performance


      Management Seminar Module 1 is based on bodyshop operation theory including bodyshop/paintshop area optimisation, basic indicators, break even analysis, charge out rates and debt management.

      In addition to the management of basis indicators, module 1 looks at staff motivation as well as the roles of the receptionists, the technicians and the bodyshop manager.


      Delegates should have a full understanding of the entire running of the bodyshop from the efficient use of the correct equipment and processes, workflows and space optimisation as well as labour, motivation and profitability.


      Delegates from many areas of the industry can benefit from this seminar, including bodyshop proprietors and managers, foremen, managers, technicians and sales staff. All you need is a basic knowledge of automotive refinish and repair.


      The R-M Management Seminars have been developed to meet the very highest educationnal standards to ensure that delegates understand the interdependencies of the repair process and its organisation, delegates can work together, exchange experience in the improvement of body and paintshop processes.

      Managing KPI's


      A combination of theory and practical exercises enable delegates to develop and monitor KPI’s so that they can apply industry best practice to the repair process.
      A case study encourages a question and answer session and the seminar content is presented to delegates in the form of a workbook.


      Delegates who have completed the seminar successfully, can fully understand key performance indicators and apply those KPI's to their businesses.
      The seminar will demonstrate how practical application of KPI’s to key bodyshop processes will effect the profi tability of the business.


      The target audience includes bodyshop proprietors, managers, foremen, sales managers and the sales team. A business knowledge of bodyshop economics and how the various core units within the bodyshop work together is helpful and all the better if delegates have attended Module 1 and use or plan to use R-M Indic@tor 2.


      The R-M Management Seminars have been developed to meet the very highest educationnal standards, to ensure that delegates can work together, exchange experience in the improvement of body and paint shop processes and understand how to monitor and improve their business by using KPIs.

      Introduction to Marketing


      Management Seminar Module 3 defines what marketing is, what it can do for your business and how to develop a marketing strategy. This module also covers market analysis and defining your target market with customer ABC analysis, your bodyshop’s position in the market, your catchment area and competition.
      The seminar takes you through the principles of marketing, the five Ps of the marketing mix, communication, key messages, planning and working with agencies to ensure marketing works for you.


      This seminar lifts the lid on the latest marketing techniques. It provides those in the bodyshop that play a part in promoting the business, with the skills to analyse the market, based on practical case studies, then build a step-by-step marketing action plan, which can be implemented to the benefit of the business.

      Target group

      Delegates from within the bodyshop can include proprietors, managers and indeed any staff that may be allocated a marketing role. The seminar will enable everyone to grasp the principles of marketing to identify new market opportunities to expand the business.


      The R-M Management Seminars are scientifically developed under the Academy format to ensure that delegates can work together and exchange marketing experience. Bodyshops learn to develop a competitive edge, attract new customers and enhance their image as a professional business.

      Module 4 : Advanced Estimating Seminar

      Increase your profitability.

      It allows you to have an overview of damage assessment, and to use the Audatex software to get an accurate estimate in order to actively increase your profitability.

      Maximize your knowledge

      Module 4 was designed to maximize your knowledge in the area of estimation and its link to other areas of the repair processes.

      Master the principles of assessing repair costs

      You will master the principles of assessing repair costs including estimation of repair times, spare parts and paint materials and you will learn the basics to handle the Audatex estimating software.

      Importance of an exact estimate

      You will discover the importance of an exact estimate to achieve a high profitability, and the consequences of inaccurate estimates for the bodyshop.

      The seminar has been developed in cooperation with our partner the world leader Audatex in claim management solutions.