International Final R-M Best Painter Contest #BecomeTheNextPioneer #rmbestpainter2022 | rmpaint
International Final R-M Best Painter Contest #BecomeTheNextPioneer #rmbestpainter2022

R-M®, BASF’s premium automotive refinish paint brand, will hold the 13th International R-M Best Painter Contest Final at the R-M Refinish Competence Center in Clermont-de-l’Oise, France, from June 28 – 30, 2022. Ten finalists from the national finals around the world will participate on-site in the competition, which was last held in 2016.

Under this year’s theme “Driving digital competency and eco-effective solutions”, R-M invites talents to demonstrate their best automotive refinishing skills under rigorous competition guidelines. They will use R-M’s premium paint solutions, such as ONYX HD® waterborne paint line, premium clearcoats and the state-of the-art digital color matching technologies including the Colortronic 12/6. Participants will also get to use R-M Refinity®, an innovative cloud platform hosting every digital solution to support painter and bodyshop managers in their daily activities.

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