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Color Data

Color Data is a powerful piece of software that provides fast and easy management of paint formulae and mixing ratios.

The user-friendly and intuitive graphic interface enables paintshop technicians to match colours quickly and accurately, find mixing ratios for primers, top coats and clears. Color Data is a basic tool for bodyshops striving for optimum efficiency and profitability.

Colortronic 2

Colortronic 2 Advanced colour matching technology in your bodyshop

R-M pioneered the use of portable spectrophotometers in automotive refinishing back in 1995. Now with the introduction of Colortronic 2, your bodyshop can benefit from the speed and accuracy offered by the latest in state-of-the-art colour matching technology.

Why do I need Colortronic 2 ?

Simple, because now you will have the opportunity to benefit from fast, hyper-accurate colour matching, which does not rely solely on the human eye.
Using Colortronic 2, the best formula, including any variants is just a click away, linking with R-M Shop Master and Color Explorer 2. An accurate visual check of the colour formula is confirmed quickly and easily using the colour cards from the world leading Colormaster system. All the information is presented on the colour screen in any one of 31 languages.

Okay, how does it benefit my bodyshop ?

That’s easy, Colortronic 2 will significantly reduce process time and materials compared to when colour matching conventionally, improving your bodyshop’s efficiency and profitability. Colortronic 2 enables your staff to measure the colour of several cars accurately, in minutes. All these readings can be stored for reference, while the regularly updated colour library software ensures the latest colors are listed and the best color formulae are provided. It’s fast, reliable and it’s accurate.

So, will my staff require special training ?

Colortronic 2 is intuitive and easy to use. Simple touch controls enable the user to measure the colour instantly using the three angle reading technology. Colortronic 2 then cross references with the enlarged Shop Master or Color Explorer 2 database to identify the colour formula then all you do is mix the paint !

Three simple steps to a perfect match

Three simple steps to a perfect match. The intuitive design of Colortronic 2 makes colour identification quick and easy. Simply measure the colour, research the formula and mix the paint. Colortronic 2 saves time, improves efficiency and profitability in your bodyshop.

Colortronic 2 from R-M, it's like having your own colour lab!


The R-M colour tool

Colormaster: R-M developed more than ten years ago the best colour research system in the world. Today the Colormaster is still one of most profitable investments that can make the bodyshops colour management simple, efficient and reliable. Colormaster saves valuable time in colour matching while significantly reducing material consumption.

A critical stage : colour matching

Your customers expect perfect results, which makes colour matching one of the most vital processes in your bodyshop. An accurate colour match can take a long time : you have to find the manufacturer's colour from the numerous variants that may exist, while special effect colours, more sensitive shades, colours from different manufacturing plants, aging and weathering are all factors that must be considered.

The system’s strength

R-M Colormaster provides accurate identification of every leading vehicle manufacturer's colour reference and all known variants. The key to Colormaster's speed and efficiency is the fact that the colour can be matched accurately, without the need for a spray out card.
Colormaster S contains all the solid colours, while Colormaster M has all the metallic and pearl effect colours. To maintain ultimate efficiency, Colormaster is updated several times a year.

Ease of use

Colormaster is a fast and accurate colour tool designed to be used in three simple stages :

    * Take the cards corresponding to the manufacturer's reference from the Colormaster system.
    * Select the card that accurately matches the colour of the vehicle.
    * Mix the R-M formula from the corresponding card.

By following the R-M technical data sheets to ensure the correct mixing ratio and application, you can be sure the colour will match the card and the vehicle, precisely. Colormaster gives you a perfect colour match.

Immediate time and product savings

Compared to conventional methods, Colormaster can save you up to 32 minutes for basecoat and clear colours and 17 minutes for direct gloss colours (Dekra study). Since accuracy is one of our prime concerns, we asked three independent bodies to test Colormaster : Dekra in Germany,
Thatcham in the UK and CESVIMAP in Spain. All three measured and certified the performance of Colormaster.

Indispensable for high quality refinishing, Colormaster helps maintain your professional image, improves your competitiveness and ensures customer satisfaction.

Play the high-value card !

Color Explorer 2

In addition to the basic colour retrieval features of Color Data the Color Explorer 2 offers much more.

Color Explorer 2 offers direct connection to all common scales, helps bodyshops to create and store customized colours, offers many predefined reports and enables the import and maintenance of product prices. Furthermore up to date colour information is automatically downloaded from the internet. For the ultimate professional solution, Color Explorer 2 can be easily upgraded to Shop Master at any time.

Shop Master

Shop Master is the ultimate solution for the premium bodyshop.

Shop Master combines all the advantages of Color Data and Color Explorer 2. With its automatic ordering system and overall stock management for paint and paint-related products, the professional job management and access protection for different user groups, Shop Master helps bodyshops to manage their daily business in a professional way and makes them even more profitable.