R5 E-Tech launch at the Geneva Motor Show 2024 with the five E-mobility projects on earth, water, air and snow in the yellow pop color.
Renault R5


As the world of automotive innovation accelerates towards a greener future, the unveiling of the Renault 5 E-Tech Electric series at the International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland, in March 2024 highlights the transformative journey for electric mobility with the Renault 5 car being reborn as an all-electric icon. For the launch presentation of the R5 E-Tech “next revolution in mobility”, TheArsenale agency orchestrated five French mobility projects underscoring the symbiotic fusion of high-end design and electric technology on earth, water, air and snow in the new vibrant yellow pop color. Restored in the south of France, the mobility projects have been given a specific identity and incorporated the iconic color finished with R-M by L2 Concept/Factory Unit, customer of R-M in the south of France.

The yellow pop color is one of the five colors of the new R5 E-Tech car available from September. For BASF, the color collection of the new ‘retrofuturistic' Renault 5 E-Tech is a result of a close cooperation with the color designers and technology department from BASF Coatings and Renault. The new Renault 5 will be built in Douai, France by Ampere – a company within the Renault Group that is focused solely on designing, engineering and manufacturing electric vehicles.

Jerome Dupré, Key Account Manager BASF for Renault Group and Sustainability Officer, states: "The new range of the R5 E-Tech colors have been developed in close collaboration with the Renault Group. We are engaged to launch more fun and pop colors to the NEV market."

For new EV mobility models and Advanced-Driver-Assistance (ADAS) equipped vehicles, R-M provides the most innovative and easy-to-use solutions, combined with technology know-how and color excellence to ensure OEM car manufacturers and design units have access to the largest color database and can paint with the most sustainable paint solution. 

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