R-M has developed EXTREME COLORS in order to meet the ever-growing demand in the automotive sector for special colour effects.  With this range of car body paints, bodyshops can customize customers’ cars and motorbikes to the extreme. EXTREME COLORS is formulated in DIAMONT and offers spectacular colour variations depending on the angle from which a vehicle is viewed.
This special characteristic is the result of interference between natural light and specific pigments that are used by R-M. One single colour paint can, for example, oscillate from red to gold, from cool, bright silver to a very soft and satiny green.
– There are ten colours available including Rainbow, Tahitian Sunset,
  Copperhead Bronze, Electric Plum, Ocean, Caribbean Night, Sunshine
  Reggae, Waterfall, Moonlight River and Autumn Mood.
– These colours are also available as VOC compliant solutions