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Carglass® receives chain certification for e'Sense from R-M in the Netherlands

Carglass® has recently received an e'Sense chain certification from R-M in the Netherlands. R-M customers can receive an e'Sense certificate if they use the sustainable R-M e'Sense product line. These products are manufactured according to BASF's certified 'biomass balance' principle and contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions. Because all Carglass® locations in the Netherlands use the e'Sense products, the chain certificate was recently handed over in the R-M Refinish Competence Center in Maarssen (Netherlands) to Willem Mes, Director Operations of Carglass®. All 24 Carglass® locations in the Netherlands will receive their own e'Sense certificate from R-M.


Sustainable product line for repairing minor car damage
The e'Sense portfolio has been especially selected because they contribute optimally to efficient car body repair. The range includes a UV primer filler, putty, hardener, clearcoat and two additives. The durable product line is particularly suitable for repairing minor car damage. This fits in perfectly with the needs of Carglass®, who is active on the Dutch market in this segment.

Protection of the climate and the environment
By working with R-M e'Sense products, Carglass®, as an R-M e'Sense partner, is actively committed to the protection of the climate and the environment. In the production process of the e'Sense products less fossil raw materials are used and as a result the emission of CO2 is reduced. In the so-called 'biomass balance' method, the share of renewable raw materials is mathematically allocated to the products of the e'Sense line. The calculation method used for this purpose has been certified by REDcert. Using the calculation model, the fossil raw materials in the e'Sense products can be completely replaced by renewable raw materials. R-M has set itself the goal of stimulating the sale of e'Sense products, because this increases the percentage of renewable raw materials in the process. In this way, customers such as Carglass® can make an active contribution themselves to the economical use of valuable resources and also distinguish themselves from competitors towards both work providers and consumers. This responds to the increasing demand from the market to work with parties that embrace sustainability.

Digital training with VR glasses
In the Netherlands R-M has been a strategic partner of Carglass® since 2017. With the supply of automotive refinishes, non-paint products and additional services, R-M supports the Carglass® organization in the nationwide provision of small car body repair for the consumer market from any desired Carglass® location. In cooperation with Carglass®, R-M focuses as a partner on providing innovative, easy-to-use solutions, such as paint systems and smart color tools such as R-M's portable spectrophotometer Colortronic 12/6. All Carglass® painters are regularly trained in the R-M Refinish Competence Center in Maarssen (Netherlands) to work according to the latest techniques and most efficient methods. Among other things, this involves using an innovative, digital solution that enables painters to spray virtually with VR glasses in order to practice not only with actual material, but also digitally in order to optimize their skills and to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible.

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